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Web site last updated 7th February 2016.  Press Ctrl + F5 twice to ensure you are viewing the latest version of this web page!

Note that WinTax2017 and BackTax2017 (containing all the new retirement fund laws with changes to deduction

limits for contributions etc) will be released on 29th February 2016 but you can order your copies now! Click here.


South Africa's best and most user-friendly tax software for personal taxpayers, Trusts etc. Free demo available!

SAIT-accredited verifiable CPD HOURS

Personal-Tax lectures on DVD with CPD hours.

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Softbyte Computers is accredited with SAIT.


This is the home of WinTax software, designed, produced and marketed by Softbyte Computers.  Softbyte Computers software developers, established in 1983, have been providing lecturers on personal income tax by appointment to financial institutions such as Nedcor and ABSA etc since the late 1980's. Softbyte Computers have also been premier producers of tax assessment, tax advisory, salary designing and personal financial planning software for over 30 years.  Take a minute or two to browse through our web site and discover more about our different software products.  Now with "info" tax-tip buttons on the screens!  Click here for more info on WinTax special offers etc.


Our WinTax software for Windows is chosen for use, under license agreement for decades now, by Old Mutual, SA's largest Life Assurance Company, and by some of SA's biggest banks including ABSA and Standard. Our corporate customers also include some of the biggest accounting firms in the country.  In addition, thousands of accountants, bookkeepers, tax practitioners and financial consultants rely on our WinTax software as WinTax is acknowledged as being the best tax-calculator software available in South Africa.  UNISA have acquired a license to use a special "student version" copy of WinTax2015 to assist with the education and training of UNISA tax and accounting students.


We also offer the ultimate in salary structuring software.  Called BackTax, this totally unique package allows you to structure salaries working forwards or backwards to make sure you get the most out of any salary package. 


Our very popular SOFTFIN program for Windows gives brokers and financial consultants exactly what they want and not what the life assurance companies think they should have!  SOFTFIN allows you to do simple, yet compliant, FNA's for death, disability or retirement planning in 15 minutes with a single-page report which anyone can understand. SOFTFIN also gives you a powerful quotation package for investment products where you can setup commissions, admin and portfolio management etc.  SOFTFIN also provides the user with a host of financial and investment calculators you will use every day of the week - all this at a rediculously low cost which covers updates and extra features added regularly!


Take a minute or two to browse through our web site and discover more about our different software products.


View price lists, how to order and how to pay for the software.


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Salary designing software.  Works out salaries both forwards and backwards so you can  take home a little more!


A very special and unique software program for financial consultants & brokers.   Includes simple FNA's, financial planning calculators, quotation packages etc.


Company tax/admin software for businesses!

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